HIP Club Juniors

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The HIP Club Juniors, run inspirational photographic course for pre-teens at the HIP gallery studio space, which is located on the Harbour Deck, Princes Quay, Princes Dock Street, Hull, HU1 2PQ.

The sessions take place every Saturday morning 10.30 – 12 noon.

Digital camera’s, whether on smartphones or professional DSLR cameras, allow us to not just take fun family pictures but also more professional looking images, the question is, how many of us get to use these amazing pieces of technology to their full potential? The answer, probably many of us.

That’s why the HIP Gallery decided to create HIP Club Juniors to provide photography courses specifically created for pre-teen’s to learn great new techniques available on digital cameras; so if your child is interested in photography or wants to learn more   – just bring your camera! (if you don’t have a camera, don’t worry we can provide one for the session).

One of the other brilliant things about the HIP Club Juniors is that every year we hold an exhibition for work produced by the club participants, they can even get involved with setting up the exhibition as well.

Only £3 per session in the HIP Studio space in the HIP Gallery.

While participating in the HIP Club pre-teens will learn and gain experience in the following:-

  • Understanding Digital Camera Functionality
  • Depth of Field
  • Fast & Slow Shutter Speed Techniques
  • Various Types of Composition
  • How to use Studio Lights

All these lessons help with allowing them to explore their own creativity and flourish as a photographer.