2015 Exhibitions

RPS Biennial Exhibition 2015

POP Galleries Upper Deck Princes Quay HU1 2PQ October 2-30th Mon – Fri  12 – 5  Sat – Sun  10 – 5

For HIPfest our POP Gallery will be hosting the Royal Photographic Society 2015 Members Biennial Exhibition. 100 images including:

Gold Award Winner: Joie de Vivre, Steve Jones LRPS.

Silver Award Winner: Louis Smith, Marc Aspland Hon FRPS.

Bronze Award: Last Taxi Home, Boguslaw Maslak.

Frieke Janssens – DiANAS

HIP Galleries Upper Deck Princes Quay HU1 2PQ October 2-30th Mon – Fri  12 – 5  Sat – Sun  10 – 5

A picture has succeeded, when you can look at it for a while. It can not only just be beautiful neither only interesting, it needs both. This has brought her not only gold, silver and bronze medals in creative competitions, but also commissions from successful agencies that include DDB, Duval Guillaume, Famous, Leo Burnett, TBWA, Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather, Mortierbrigade for customers like Brussels Airlines, ING, MTV Networks, Volkswagen, Red Cross, Senseo, Signal and many more.

Frieke Janssens was born in Bruges, Belgium, in 1980. after starting with evening classes in photography at an age of 15, she skipped the pilot or police on a horse option, photography was her future. While studying photography at Sint-Lukas Brussels she was mainly interested in lifestyle, sociology and stereotypes, because she felt like she was living in two worlds. Now she’s a Brussels-based photographer. After graduating in 2002, Frieke immediately started working as a photographer, where she tries to tell a story that’s fascinating and mostly avoids the clichés, or she uses them very consciously.

She’s inspired by different things from paintings, comics or even a real estate website, and works with an eye for detail, humour and surrealism. Her pictures are how she imagines subjects in her head. It is often shown in the details: the clothes, the furniture and so on.

Dianas by Frieke Janssens at HIP Gallery 1 2nd-30th oct.jpg

 See more at: Frieke Janssens

Peter Dench – The British Abroad

POP Galleries Upper Deck Princes Quay HU1 2PQ October 2-30th Mon – Fri  12 – 5  Sat – Sun  10 – 5

Peter Dench is a photographer with over 15 years experience in the advertising, editorial, portraiture and video fields of image making. He is represented worldwide at Getty Images Reportage.

His achievements include: World Press Photo Award in the People in the News Stories category and participation in the World Press Joop Masterclass. Football’s Hidden Story, a FIFA sponsored reportage comprising 26 stories across 20 different countries, received six global accolades.

Exhibitions include: The British Abroad at the Photoreporter Festival and England Uncensored at the Visa pour l’Image Festival of Photojournalism, France.

Written contributions have been commissioned for the New Yorker and Telegraph magazine.Hungry Eye film + photography magazine publishes the column, The Dench Diary, in each issue.

Peter cofounded White Cloth Gallery Leeds, a photography & film events space in 2012 operating as Co-creative Director until October 2014.

Peter has published two books of his work; “Alcohol & England”, and “The British Abroad” his uncompromising look at drunken holiday hooligans. Peter will be exhibiting a selection of pictures from the book at HIPfest 2015 and taking part in discussions about his work and the role of the photojournalist in the digital age.

See more at: Peter Dench

Rock ‘n’ Roll Photography By Ami Barwell

POP Galleries Upper Deck Princes Quay HU1 2PQ October 2-30th Mon – Fri  12 – 5  Sat – Sun  10 – 5

Hull born and proud of it, world renowned Rock ‘n’ Roll Photographer Ami Barwell has been shooting within the music industry for the past 16 years. Striking and atmospheric, honest & sexy; her photographs seek out and capture their subjects’ soul. Her gritty rock ‘n’ roll style sees Ami in demand on fashion, commercial, advertising and style campaigns; recently working with Converse, Ben Sherman, Ray-Ban, Wella Shockwaves and EA Games.

Ami’s ability to capture the raw essence of her subject on film has earned her a solid reputation as one of the World’s leading music photographers.

Having shot some of music’s biggest artists to Worldwide critical acclaim – from her iconic intimate portraits of Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke and the legendary Ian Brown, through to Iggy Pop, Blur, Motörhead, Kings of Leon, Foo Fighters, REM, Lenny Kravitz and Iron Maiden. Barwell has worked with artists as diverse as The White Stripes, Paul Weller, Queens of the Stone Age, The Levellers, Kasabian, New York Dolls, Meat Loaf, Johnny Marr and Snow Patrol.

August 2009 saw the birth of the ‘By Ami Barwell By Ben Sherman’ clothing range. Ami teamed up with Ben Sherman to launch an exclusive, limited-edition collection of unique T-shirts, each adorned with her incredible prints. She has worked with all major record labels and her work has featured in Vogue, I-D, Elle Magazine, Mojo, Rolling Stone, NME, GQ, Uncut, The Sunday Times, Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, Total Guitar, Wonderland and Guitarist Magazine and Classic Rock Magazine amongst other music and style journals.

Working with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club as their official photographer for 5 years – she documented everything from relaxed personal shots, candid tour-bus antics, intimate backstage emotions and raw, high-energy live shots – in a way no-one else could. Along with producing album and single cover photography; Ami was also the director of photography for the ‘Weight Of The World’ music video.

Some of her most iconic work includes cover images for Interpol, Editors, Sandi Thom and The Cooper Temple Clause.

Ami gains the trust and respect of the people she photographs. Ongoing working rel

ationships & life-long friendship ensue. In return she gives them photographs to believe in. Perfect, frozen-forever rock ‘n’ roll moments.

See more at: Ami Barwell

Matt Finn – Students

HIP Galleries Upper Deck Princes Quay HU1 2PQ October 2-30th Mon – Fri  12 – 5  Sat – Sun  10 – 5

 “Students” is a series of portraits that examines what it was like to study at a traditional Art school in the United Kingdom before bureaucracy, fees and modern new campuses changed the landscape of education probably forever. All aged 17 and female, the students are photographed in a series of studios and corridors with high ceilings, polished floors, characteristics of the Victorian buildings that many of these schools were housed. We are confronted by girls still unsure and unconfident of the poses and postures they adopt still struggling with their skins. Trying to fit into common teenage groups which give them a visual identity that forms friendships based on a visual language. Mainly not fitting into the mainstream, these girls get a sense of belonging through the clothes they wear, the music they listen to and a sense of rebellion that places them into  sub cultures like Goths, Metalheads, Punks, Emos and other such categories that seem a world away from what their parents would want, which is the whole point that they lock themselves away in these groups where they are understood and accepted.

Matthew Finn (b. 1971 Leeds) Finishing his Degree in Photography from Derby University in 1994 he continued to work on personal photographic projects that developed over a long period of time, with no commercial constraints or deadlines Finn cultivated a working practise of an auteur, in charge of all elements of the work where the craft of the print and the whole process became important to the photographer. Working on subjects about people that where important in his life he made and continues to make images of Students whom he has worked with in various Art Colleges in England and a collaboration with his Mother whom he has photographed within her home environment for over 27 years. He is the recipient of the Jerwood/ Photoworks Awards in 2015 where his work will be seen in exhibitions at the Jerwood Space, London and the Impressions Gallery Bradford.

 See more at: Matt Finn

John Bulmer – The North

Hull Central Library Albion Street HU1 3TF October 2-30th Regular Library Opening Times

 John Bulmer is a pioneer of British photojournalism in Britain and a BAFTA winning film maker. His work for The Sunday Times in The 1960s and 70s  has been collected into a book entitled “The North” . In 1965, Bulmer first photographed the North of England in colour, for the Sunday Times magazine. Colour photography was “a medium in which Bulmer was the British pioneer”, far ahead of such photographers as William Eggleston and Martin Parr. Using colour for the North of England was Bulmer’s idea, as was the choice of winter or wet weather, when colour film was yet harder to use.


Bulmer’s most recent book “Wind Of Change”  is a collection of his photographs documenting  the profound social and political changes sweeping across the world, from the slow disintegration of the Middle East and the early signs of the collapse of the Communist bloc, to the totalitarianism of China and North Korea.

At HIPfest 2015 John will be exhibiting a selection of pictures from “The North” and talking about his life and work.

Graeme Oxby – The Kings Of England

HIP Galleries Upper Deck Princes Quay HU1 2PQ October 2-30th Mon – Fri  12 – 5  Sat – Sun  10 – 5

A 2011 survey estimated that there were in excess of 85,000 Elvis Presley impersonators around the world. Elvis impersonation is a phenomenon spanning ages, cultures and countries. The man known as “The King of Rock and Roll” and often simply, “The King”, is proving immortal.

The Kings Of England exhibition documents the remediation of a major element of the iconography of the popular culture of the 20th and now 21st centuries, and of Presley himself, the most photographed man on the planet.

Oxby began the project in order to document the cultural impact of a young truck driver from Memphis TN who fused country music and blues, shook his hips and became the most famous man on earth for almost thirty years.

Along the way, in venues all across the UK, it became clear that the influence of Elvis ran wide and deep, despite the fact that for most people in Britain, Presley was a mediated concept who existed only in films, on television and on record.. Yet the British fascination with Elvis lives on through the legions of impersonators or “Elvis Tribute Artists” (ETAs) as they are now known, who perform in pubs, clubs and theatres up and down the British Isles.

The pictures are a bold, colourful and sympathetic tribute to the men and women who hold Elvis very close to their hearts.

The exhibition includes a dressing up box and a golden throne for visitors to photograph themselves sitting in in all their Elvis finery!

See more at: Graeme Oxby




Kardomah 94 –  94 Alfred Gelder St, HU1 2AN October 4-30th Tues – Thurs 10 – 10  Fri – Sat  10am – 11pm

Birgit is an Austrian photographer based in Wellington, New Zealand. Her specialty is capturing candid images using only available light. She often works in low light situations, relying on fast lenses and creating very tight depth of field.

She has exhibited internationally, including New York, San Francisco, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Auckland, Napier, Taneatua, Havelock North and Wellington. She was the recipient of the Grand Prix Terroirs d’images, Catégorie “Professionnel” (Professional Category).

As a freelance photographer, she is in demand from art collectors, and both corporate and private clients. She also provides specialized tuition. Birgit is a judge for the internationally renowned “I-Shot-It” photo competition.

South Pacific is an exhibition of work by Birgit Krippner,  Tim White and Lottie Hedley.

Antipodean group exhibit from New Zealand photographers curated by Birgit Krippner at Kardomah94 4th-30th oct.jpg

See more at: Birgit Krippner, Lottie Hedley & Tim White


Lou Hazelwood – Part Coded and the Bi-Visual

Red Gallery Of Contemporary Art Osborne Street Hull HU1 2NL October 2-30th Thurs – Sun  12 – 4

Lou Hazelwood returns to HIPphotofest this year with new work to be shown in the Red Gallery.
Lou Hazelwood (b. 1971) is an artist based in Hull, East Yorkshire. Lou has exhibited regionally, nationally and internationally. She works across media exploring ideas of memory, temporality, nostalgia and display. Her background however is solely in a photographic practice from the mid 1980’s and this grounding in analogue technologies drives her interest in historic viewing machines.

Lou studied in Hull (BA Fine Art from 91-94) and Sheffield (MA Fine Art 09-12).

Lumen – An exhibition by Verity Harr

HIP Galleries Upper Deck Princes Quay HU1 2PQ October 2-30th Mon – Fri  12 – 5  Sat – Sun  10 – 5

 Verity Harr is a Hull based photographic artist and full time photography lecturer whose work explores how the ordinary can be transformed into moments of extraordinary through sublime forces that engage the viewer through aesthetics and experience.

This project Lumen, investigates how light and photography have the power to transform ordinary and familiar subject matter and materials into moments of sublime experience by challenging our perceptions. Light has the power to transform and transfix; photography is a medium that captures light; plastic is a material that holds light, and light itself is our connection to the beginnings of existence.

This project explores surfaces and boundaries and was created along the river Humber, a naturally reflective surface and the natural border to the city of Hull. The river is a sublime force of currents and tides, and transforms quite dramatically at various times of day and light. The images are presented on clear surfaces and installed to allow a subtle illumination that also references the subject, enabling the viewer able to make their own interpretations of the work

Lumen by Verity Harr at HIP Gallery 3 2nd-30th oct.jpg

Odda Smelteverk, an exhibition by Andrea Lea

St Mary’s Church Lowgate HU1 1EJ  October 2-30th Thur & Fri  11- 2.

Norwegian photographer Andrea Lea’s haunting pictures of an abandoned smelting works.

Odda Smelteverk is a 100 year old smelt factory that lies in the center of Odda, a small village by the Hardanger Fjord in Norway, that produced chemical compounds for the steel and agriculture industry on an international basis. The smelt works was central in the industrial revolution in the early 1900’s, but was closed down in 2002 after going bankrupt. A fire broke out in 2003 and left the buildings burned out and covered in ash, with its remains telling a story about an early chemical production process

HipFest Emerging Photographers

St Mary’s Church Lowgate HU1 1EJ  October 2-30th Thur & Fri  11- 2.

HiPFest is excited to bring you an exhibition of work by emerging photographers including Hull Young Photographers, Students from Hull College and individuals throughout the region. Showing in St Mary’s Church on Lowgate, HipFest Emerging Photographers is the place to get to know the best new talent in the region.


HIPclub Young Photographers Exhibition


POP Galleries Upper Deck Princes Quay HU1 2PQ October 2-30th Mon – Fri  12 – 5  Sat – Sun  10 – 5

HIPclub Juniors will be showing their work in the POP Gallery throughout the festival and the club members will be guiding visitors around the works themselves.

Agnieszka Szczurowska & Innes


Hull Central Library Albion Street HU1 3TF October 2-30th Regular Library Opening Times

Innes are a creative photography company with a rich history behind them and were founded by Donald Innes in 1947. The current premises in Hessle Square were purchased in 1954 by Donald’s father Ivor. Donald’s son, also named Ivor joined the company in 1971. The Innes team are still working in that same building, 68 years later

Ivor Innes specialise in food photography, focusing on packaging for major supermarkets, companies and household brands. Innes work closely with leading design agencies, product suppliers and a great team of food stylists to deliver mouth watering results to their clients.

Innes have amazing in house facilities at the studio. A vast collection of props and backgrounds for shoots. High-end Broncolor lighting, Sinar, Hasselblad and Nikon photographic equipment. Hire studio space. The latest Canon large format inkjet printers, the list goes on…

Innes exhibited 50 Heritage Collection pieces by Donald Innes in Princes Quay for HIP Fest 2014, moving the images to an exhibition at the Streetlife Museum followed by one at the Hull History Centre.

Agnieszka Szczurowska takes a different approach, using the work of Edward Weston and the F64 group as her inspiration she says: Observation and Imagination are complementary. What we know, fed with keen observation, nourishes our imagination. Would our imagination be stimulated in a new way, if what we know were presented unconventionally? “Westonian Series” is making an effort to do just that. The series is trying to evoke the viewer’s imagination. The subjects are simple, yet their presentation attempts to give them new life and new meaning. What do you see?

Food by Agnieszka Szczurowska (Seattle) & Innes (Hessle) photographers at Central Library 2nd-30th Oct (1).jpg

See more at: Agnieszka Photos

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